Biking the South Pole; America’s island gems – Jekyll Island, Martha’s Vineyard, Catalina Island

Ian enjoys relaxing against a pier on Martha's Vineyard.  Photo:  Tonya Fitzpatrick, World Footprints Media

Prepare for a trans-continental bike ride to the South Pole and experience island paradise – USA style – in Georgia, Massachusetts, and California.

If someone told you they were going to ride their bicylcle across Africa from Cairo to Cape Town, what would you think?  Would you believe them?  You would if you were talking to Henry Gold of TDA Global Cycling.  Henry’s trans-continental cycling journeys have taken him through Africa and beyond and now he plans to conquer the Arctic.

Looking for an island escape?  If you live in America you don’t have to look far and you won’t have to cross the ocean to find your island paradise. We traveled to the East Coast, West Coast and Southern coastlines to share three unique islands:  Martha’s Vineyard, Catalina Island and Jekyll Island.   We will share each islands unique and rich history, hidden gems and their surprising similarities.




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