BOOK CLUB: The Long Ride

Our book club reading today, The Long Ride, is the story of a team of people who in 1989 traveled coast to coast on horseback to raise awareness about the plight of the world’s rainforests—an issue that was not on the radar of most people at that time.  It started in Los Angeles and ended 2963 miles away in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. A challenge of endurance, a statement of commitment to raising awareness about the plight of the Rainforest, The Long Ride tells of the extraordinary passion and perseverance of Lucian Spataro and his team, as he rode on horseback from coast to coast. In his second book about this historic cross-country journey, Spataro offers an honest, inspiring, comical and beautiful fusion between travel-log, advocacy and photo journal. To read more about The Long Ride click HERE.  


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