Celebrating “Down to Earth Month” with Sustainable California Wines

Wine glass at sunset - California Wines

This World Footprints episode illuminates the intersection of the California wine growing industry and environmental activism.

April is “Down to Earth Month” in California. And as Earth Day is approaching on April 22, 2021. So, we are raising a glass to celebrate the 10th anniversary of month-long festivities and the sustainable winegrowers of California.

Allison Jordan, Executive Director of the California Sustainable Wine Growing Alliance, talks about the virtual and socially distanced, in-person sustainably-focused events during the April festivities.  She also updates us on the status of California vineyard post the horrific California fires last year.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

Wendell Berry

Have you’ve ever wondered what chickens and falcons have to do with the winegrowing process? Allison will take us behind the scenes of the winemaking process.

For “Down to Earth Month” in April, California Wines is celebrating the state’s global leadership in sustainable winegrowing. We are providing a series of fun and informative virtual events and videos on Facebook Live and Instagram. Throughout April, the free livestream events and videos will present a variety of discussions, cooking demonstrations and virtual wine tastings focused on sustainability.

Sustainable winegrowing practices helps in protecting our natural resources like soil, air and water. These elements are essential for survival of all that is green. And these are the ones that give a special flavor to our grapes and wines. Through sustainable winegrowing, California produces not only world class wine but also plays a huge role in protecting the environment.

We humans need to act as protectors of our land and adopt good cultivation practices. So that our wineries and vineyards grow along with us each and every day. Adopting environmentally and socially responsible practices is important. And making them an integral part of how we do business is a must to ensure the health of our land, our communities and our industry for generations to come.


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