Exploring Paris, China, Family Travel and City Pass

To understand a city one must look through the lens of its artists with open eyes, appreciate the personal stories of locals, and sometimes jump on a fast track to have time at popular attractions.

Art curator and author Matt Wagner travels the world looking for the Tall Trees—the artists that stand out and help share our common humanity.  In his third Tall Trees book series Matt explores the artist community in Paris.

As a mother of three, family travel expert Shelly Rivoli says when traveling with babies it is important to remain calm.  Shelly has learned a lot of tricks and tips for traveling with children first-hand.

Deborah Wakefield from City Pass will tell us how we can visit the top attractions in North America’s popular tourist destinations without standing in a long queue.

We will travel Inside the Middle Kingdom with author Jonathan Geldhart to gain some insights into modern China.   Through the personal stories in his book Jonathan shares new truths about this mysterious country.

Join us as we explore Tall Trees of Paris and modern China, learn the art of family travel and jump the queue at popular attractions.  We’ll also visit Portland, Oregon and Williamburg, Virginia on World Footprints with Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick.

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