Exploring the island of Saint Vincent

View of St. Vincent from above.  Photo:  Tonya Fitzpatrick

World Footprints returns to St. Vincent and travels through the village of Layou on St. Vincent’s Leeward Coast.  Layou, which sits against a stunning backdrop of rockscapes and ridges, is filled with historic homes and churches, a small beach and crescent shaped bay.  On the ridge above the village you’ll find the Layou Petroglyph Park; the spot where we begin today’s broadcast with our guide Marlon Joseph. From Layou we travel to Argyle, where, in the near future St. Vincent will welcome the thousands of visitors in its newly built international airport.  The quarter-of-a-billion dollar Argyle International Airport is the large development project in St. Vincent’s history.  Jennifer Richardson of the Airport’s Development Corporation takes us onsite to talk about the mega project. We end today’s show at one of our favorite resorts, the newly built Buccament Bay.  General Manager Gianluca Cugnetto, a powerhouse in the hospitality industry, will discuss his passion for food, nature, and hospitality, and his desire to incorporate them all to provide visitors with a unique experience. Speaking of one of the many unique features that Buccament Bay offers, Tonya enjoyed an afternoon with two of London’s West End talents at the resort’s Harlequin Performing Arts Academy.  Actor & Singing Coach John Barr (Convict #5 in Les Miserables) and Musical Director Tim Davies helped Tonya find her true voice as she performed the song “I Dream A Dream.” For more information about St. Vincent and the Grenadines visit www.DiscoverSVG.com Hang out with World Footprints on Twitter and Facebook @WorldFootprints.