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When Monet Hambrick was pregnant with her first child many people told her that she would have to retire her wanderlust. However, Monet and her husband James knew that they could not live without travel in their lives, and they haven’t…nor have their two children.

Monet and her family have criss-crossed the globe from the time her daughters were infants. Because she knew that other parents could use help with family travel planning she created her blog, The Traveling Child, to fill the information gap. Monet recognizes the valuable experience traveling is providing her daughters and she wanted to inspire other families to travel around the world with their children.

Today, many of her tricks and family travel tips involve RV travel and some of her recent road trips have included her parents. What type of RV accommodates a multi-generational family of six? Is there a different skill to driving an RV? Monet answers those questions and many more.

Monet joined World Footprints to answer questions about RV travel and share some lessons and the joys of multigenerational family travel. She also talked about her experiences traveling to campsites as people of color.

  • 8 Days in Kenya with Kids at Crescent Island Game-Park. Photo courtesy of Monet Hambrick, The Traveling Child
  • Nevada Road Trip in an RV. Courtesy of Monet Hambrick, The Traveling Child
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Monet Hambrick is a full-time working woman, wife and mama of two. She’s the writer behind this family travel blog, The Traveling Child. In addition to her own website she’s a contributor for The Points Guy,, and Alamo Rent a Car’s The Scenic Route Blog. Monet is also an author of the children’s book series The Traveling Child Goes to. Her first book is The Traveling Child Goes to Rio de Janeiro!

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