FilmAid International, Mystery at Sea & Accessible Travel Tips

Award-winning World Footprints goes exploring through the lens of a film maker who is bringing hope to millions, a cruise ship doctor turned novelist, and a barrier-free travel writer. Communities in crisis need knowledge and empowerment and award-winning FilmAid International provides both to millions of people suffering the effects of war, poverty, displacement or disaster.  Caroline Baron is the founder of FilmAid International and she joins us from the field to discuss the life-changing power of film. Dr. Paul Davis is a cruise ship doctor turned mystery writer. 

Dr. Davis uses his insider knowledge and years of experience at sea as the backdrop for his new book Cruise Ship Crime: A Medical Mystery Murder.  Author/Dr. Davis’s medical sleuthing takes us behind the scenes of the exciting life of a cruise ship doctor and gives us insider knowledge of the fast paced, colorful and romantic world of officers, crew, and passengers. “A Medical Murder Mystery” is the first book in the Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries. “A compulsive page turner with all the poignancy of CSI.” -John Smithson, Canadian Literature Reviews.

Accessible travel expert Candy Harrington returns to World Footprints to discuss new developments in accessible travel and to offer some advice and tips to the physically-challenged traveler.

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