Imagine: Reflections on Peace and the travel community’s role

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How do you imagine hope in a seemingly hopeless situation? And once that hope is imagined, how do you manifest those dreams into a sustained reality? These are the questions at the heart of IMAGINE: REFLECTIONS ON PEACE (Hemeria/SparkPress, October 6, 2020) by The VII Foundation (VIIF).

Editor and VIIF co-founder, GARY KNIGHT, shares the remarkable collection of first-person testimonials and searing photographs from some of the world’s most volatile war zones.

“Powerful, persuasive and forensic, this book will open your eyes, challenge your assumptions, and deepen your understanding of war and the people who survive it. It shows that war doesn’t end with the signing of a peace treaty, or when a situation has faded from the news headlines…”

Angelina Jolie, UNHCR Special Envoy

IMAGINE focuses on six distinct countries—Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Colombia, Lebanon, Northern Ireland, and Rwanda—to illustrate the difficult work being done to break the foundational cycles of conflict and violence that has marked each country’s immediate history.

Each country is open to tourism so we also discussed the role the travel community has in rebuilding societal trust as a means for creating lasting peace.

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