Inside the 2012 USA Paralympic Judo Team and Blind Judo Foundation

World Footprints will take you inside the sport of blind judo with a Paralympic hopeful, a past Paralympian and the founder of the Blind Judo Foundation.

As a member of the 2012 USA Paralympic Judo Team, Jordan Mouton is on a quest for Olympic Gold in London.  Jordan joins us to talk about her sport, her preparations for London and why she considers Judo an ideal sport for the blind or visually impaired athlete.

Lori Pierce is a Paralympic trail-blazer for athletes like Jordan.  As the First Lady of Paralympic Judo, Lori was the first ever and only female on the 2004 US Paralympic Judo Team.  Now, Lori is one of Judo’s ambassadors and she joins us to share her plans to return to international competition in the near future.

Ron Peck, founder of the Blind Judo Foundation, recognized that athletes like Jordan and Lori needed a stronger support system than was available.  He founded the Blind Judo Foundation to help create opportunities and support the growth of blind and visually-impaired athletes in the sport of Judo.  Ron joins us to talk about the “aha” moment that led to the creation of the Foundation.