Kansas City’s African-American Heritage

Jackie Robinson

Explore the richness and depth of Kansas City’s black history from sports and jazz to food and social advancement on World Footprints with Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick.

First, we’ll talk to Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City.  Bob says that the Negro Leagues is more than a story about baseball.  It is the story of the beginning of the civil rights movement.  It is the story about all of the players who broke the color barrier and signed with major league teams during the Jim Crow era.  Bob also tells us that the leadership that emerged as a result of the Leagues and the backstory of the Negro League players deserve more than a footnote to the story of baseball and our country.  The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum hold a number of special events each year and you’ll hear about these events and a very special event coming up soon.

Then, we’ll explore the history and lives of people of African descent in the central United States at the Black Archives of Mid-America in Kansas City’s cultural district..  As the Archives Executive Director, Dr. Carmaletta Williams tells us, (who prefers to be called Dr. Carma), the Black Archives is the linchpin for nearly every experience that happened to people of African descent in the area.  The Archives hold a treasure trove of resources in its extensive collection of artifacts from the past and, of equal value, the museum continues to share the stories of today.


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