LEGACY SHOW: Volunteer Vacations 101

This broadcast is a favorite legacy show that we produced under our old name Travel’n On and before rebranding as WORLD FOOTPRINTS.

Rick Webster , VP of Public Policy at the US Travel Association, joins Travel’n On Radio to talk about the Travel Promotion Act and his Associations efforts to promote tourism in the United States. Then voluntourism gal Alexia Nestora returns to Travel’n On to talk about voluntourism as a transformational travel experience and author Sheryl Kayne joins Tonya & Ian to discuss her newly released book Volunteer Vacations Across America. Volunteer Vacations features possibilities across a wide range of categories, including community outreach, wildlife conservation, environmental activism, national parks, education groups, and scientific research, and includes excursions suitable for families, kids, teens, and seniors

Alexia Nestora

Alexia Nestora is the director of Lasso Communications, a consultant firm that specializes in developing strategy and marketing communications for the voluntourism industry. Alexia previously ran the North American division of volunteer travel provider i-to-i and increased profits by over 50% in her first year. She recently supported research for prestigious Mintel reports on volunteer tourism and gap year as well as articles published in the Wall Street Journal, Smart Money and New York Times. She has been a speaker on volunteer tourism at the Adventure Expos, APTA National Conference and NY Times Travel Show and runs a blog for voluntourism providers called VoluntourismGal.

Rick Webster

Rick Webster joined the U.S. Travel Association in March 1993 as Manager, Tax Policy and was promoted to Director, Tax Policy a short time later. In 1997 his title changed to Director, Public Affairs, and in December 2005, he was promoted to Vice President, Public Policy. He has over twenty years of experience lobbying local, state and federal government officials. Click here for the US Travel Association website

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