Enjoying the World as a Plus-size Traveler

Plusisize travelers from Stop Weight Bias image gallery.Friends exploring courtesy of World Obesity

World Footprints continues its foundational value of sharing the voices of all travelers and their unique experiences and inspiring stories. Today we walk in the footsteps of a plus-size traveler.

Plus-size travelers face challenges that aren’t generally considered—lack of appropriate accommodations, one-sized fits all robes that don’t fit larger bodies, zipline cables that may not support extra weight and other concerns. Plus-size travelers often find their journeys exceptionally difficult due to shrinking airline seats and lavatories to cramped restaurants, tiny island puddle-jumpers and high off-road vehicles. Owing to their plus-size , bigger people are often looked upon as burdens and lacks support from travel industry too. And thus are anxious and worried when it comes to packing their bags for another trip.

“People need to see more plus-size people traveling so that they can see themselves as the reflection and want to go travel more.”  

Jeff Jenkins

Jeff Jenkins is the creative mind behind Chubby Diaries, a site dedicated to helping plus-size people travel the world. He joins World Footprints to share his travel experience . Jeff also suggests how the travel industry can be better accommodating and why weight and size shouldn’t be a barrier to traveling the world.

Through Chubby Diaries, Jeff inspires and educates a community of travelers who are overlooked in the travel space.

Cover photo courtesy of Stop Weight Bias.


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