Preview of FestiGals Conference and New Orleans Entertainment Industry

World Footprints is pleased to introduce more great friends from our beloved New Orleans.  First, we'll be joined by actor/filmmaker Terence Rosemore who most recently donned a badge as New Orleans Police Deputy Chief Eugene Marsden in the hit HBO series "Treme".  Terence will discuss his upcoming roles and film projects post-Treme as well as his initiative in the Crescent City to introduce the city's youth to the entertainment industry.

If you're looking for the best places to go, eat or see the Moon Guide to New Orleans is a great resource to have.  Native New Orleanian and travel writer Laura Martone joins us to give her take on what makes her hometown such an interesting and captivating place for her and visitors alike. Finally, New Orleans is a city that never needs a reason to host a festival. 

Just when you think that the city wouldn't have room for one more thing, another "thing" pops up and offers something unique.  For the last few years, Diane Lyons has been spearheading the FestiGals Conference.  As founder of this conference, Diane sought to create an event just for women.  FestiGals is an empowering weekend-long celebration of the female spirit and stength.  World Footprints has a personal connection with the FestiGals conference as Tonya will be giving a "Diva Discussion" this year.