St Maarten Travels that Transformed Lives

St. Maarten - Palm tree on Caribbean Island

The island of St. Maarten (Sint Maarten) is the common denominator in the stories of two different families whose lives were changed when they landed on the Caribbean island.  Join us to hear why St. Maarten was the backdrop to their positive life transformations.

First, we’ll speak to Erik and Emily Orton about their decision to spend a year at sea with their five children.  The family of seven spent a year sailing from St. Maarten to New York.  The lessons they learned and the adventures they experienced are described in their book, Seven at Sea: Why a New York City Family Cast Off Convention For A Life-Changing Year On A Sailboat.  In their book, Erik and Emily remind us that we have the ability to customize our lives, regardless of our perceived constraints.

Then, we’ll introduce travel writer Breana Johnson who lived as an American expat on the island of St. Maarten for a few years.   Breana says that anytime you move to a new country you expect that there will be a period of cultural adjustment.  However, what Breana didn’t expect was the cultural adjustment she experienced when you returned to the United States.  Breana will share how she managed her cultural shocks.


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