The Travel Doctor is IN

Medical luggage for travel doctor

Broken bones. Skin rashes. Travelers diarehea. COVID and… There are many accidents, illnesses and medical mishaps that happen when we’re traveling and now we have COVID to add to the list. So what should travelers do to remain healthy and safe?

Luckily, the Travel Doctor is IN and she will provide insights and answer some frequently asked travel-related medical questions to help travelers stay healthy.

Dr. Yvette McQueen, is a travel enthusiast who travels for pleasure and work as an emergency physician. She’s on a mission to educate about health, travel, wellness and disease prevention.

Dr. McQueen knows a thing or two about the ailments that travelers often face. She is the go-to person for medical advice when she’s traveling with others and she’s used her experiences and knowledge to write a couple of books offering medical advice to the traveling community. As a locums physician, Dr. McQueen travels to different places to provide medical assistance. She will tell us what traveling during COVID has been like for her as a medical professional.


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