Two Surprising 2020 Travel Trends: Nakations and Space Tourism

2020 Travel Trends - Northern lights

For 2020, nude travel and space tourism are two of the top travel trends that we’ll see emerge.  Surprised?  Don’t be.

Nakations, otherwise known as nude recreation and nude travel represents a $550 million global industry.  Nude tourism is the fastest growing travel industry in 2020. Jeff Baldasarre with the American  Association for Nude Recreation, an organization that represents 52 million individuals and 180 resorts and campgrounds worldwide, says that nude recreation is safe and wholsesome  and that it enriches a person’s physical, spiritual, and mental health and is unlike anything the media portrays.

Valerie Stimac, space tourism expert and author of a Lonely Planet book about astrotourism called Dark Skies says that this is going to be the year that space tourism launches.  But astrotourism, she says, will be the trendsetter because it offers wonderful opportunities to explore space from the ground. We all love gazing at the stars , but getting closer to them is quite a fascinating experience.

Learn more about two of this year’s top travel trends:  Nakations or nude recreation and space tourism…on World Footprints with Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick.


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