Uncovering Appalachia

Hot air ballooning over Appalachian mountains

Who are the Appalachian people? Whoever you think they are you’re probably wrong. Author and scholar Nancy Brown Diggs joins World Footprints to peel back the layers of Appalachian culture that she uncovers in her new book, In Search of Appalachia. Her book shares her years of research and it paints an honest and authentic portrait of this misunderstood culture.

Nancy shines a spotlight on Appalachian culture, history and the contributions Appalachians have made to American society. She also celebrates her own cultural roots in a region that’s often misunderstood and denigrated by many people, including mainstream media and entertainment.

As writer Ann Hagedorn said, “In an era when the truth about everything is crucially needed, author Nancy Brown Diggs unveils the true soul of Appalachia, a region commonly depicted by stereotypes of poverty, ignorance and violence. From coal mines to mountain churches to dance halls of country music, Diggs explore it all, sculpting new images as she introduced her readers to strong, creative, hardworking folks…”

“The best of America lies in its common people.”

Nancy Brown Diggs

If you’ve ever been curious about the people who dwell in the Appalachian Mountains you’ll have a fuller understanding of contemporary life in Appalachia after listening to our interview with Nancy Brown Diggs.

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