Hello, fellow travel lovers! This seems like a good time for a check-in.

How are you all doing? How are your travel bugs holding up? Are they chomping at the bit, eager to get out and explore the world again? Are they laying low and cautiously awaiting the go-ahead from authorities? Have they developed comfort zone new boundaries, shaped by safety and sanitation? 

The future is uncertain, but a few things are for sure. We still love to experience the adventures, landscllapes, and cultures that our planet has to offer. None of us wish to go through another pandemic. And travel, as we know it, may never be the same.

Now, we don’t know about you, but we certainly aren’t giving up hope and neither are our travel bugs.

Here at World Footprints, we are committed to sharing meaningful stories that inspire, empower, and bridge the gaps towards a more welcoming and connected world. Our goal is to foster a sustainable consciousness for the natural resources and heritage treasures that surround us. Through these stories, we aim to inspire a mindset that descends across cultures, borders, and differences, to find a common ground for experiencing and appreciating our planet and its inhabitants.

As we are experiencing an unprecedented stage in which travel is stripped away from us, we are looking forward to a time when we can once again explore our planet. However, we do anticipate that the circumstances will be quite different.

Hygiene and social distancing precautions will govern our travels, and it’s unclear if we will be able to roam the globe at our leisure like we once did. We may face new restrictions in where we can and cannot visit. Our levels of comfort may be adjusted in either direction. Through all of this, we hope and believe we will develop a stronger appreciation for people, cultures, our planet, and all the values that we stand behind.

As we move forward in this uncharted territory for travel lovers, here the types of stories you can expect to find here on World Footprints in addition to our standard compelling content .

Personal narratives

We know COVID-19 has impacted everyone in different ways. Many are suffering from irreparable damage, and others are finding light in quarantine as they hone passions, projects, and connections that may not have manifested if it weren’t for all this downtime. As travel lovers, many of us have had to cancel our trip plans, postponing them to an undetermined date.

Many of our beautiful writers and future writers (possibly you!) are finding unique ways to make the most of the situation and not give up on travel. They have stories that display strength and inspiration to get through these strange times, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share them with you.

Travel Lovers - Writing a personal narrative

The future of travel

The questions on all of our minds: When will we be able to travel again? When we can, what will it look like? Where can we go? How will we need to adapt?

We are diving deep into global trends and informed predictions to paint a picture of what the future of travel will look like, equipping wanderlusters with as much information as possible to help shape plans.

The mindset of travel lovers will also likely shift once the doors to the world open again. We’ve been deprived of exploring for so long that it is seemingly impossible to not develop a deeper appreciation for that freedom we once had. The ability to travel the world is a privilege, not a right, and it is certainly not held by everyone around the globe. We’re all coping with this pandemic in different ways, but some of us are doing it under much more forgiving circumstances that others.

When the world invites us back, we’ll need to tread lightly, travel wisely, and explore with an appreciation that allows us to make the absolute most of whatever privileges we have.

A garden Maze

Secondary cities

Restrictions aside, it’s unlikely that any of us are going to be eager to rush back into crowded places anytime soon. So we’ll be sharing inspiration for lesser-travelled destinations, places outside the bustling metropolises that travel lovers know and love, and shining a light on those off-the-beaten-path destinations where social distancing isn’t so hard to come by.

These are the spots with an authentic feel, where you’ll see how the locals truly live and discover hidden gems that you haven’t seen plastered across every travel guidebook. You’ll be able to explore undiscovered territory that will open your eyes to new cultures, landscapes, and ways of living, and you may just end up with a new favourite travel destination.

Open spaces

We’re excited at the idea of exploring secondary cities, exposing ourselves to new societies and cultures, and getting a glimpse at the urban centres that haven’t been infiltrated by tourism.

But many of us have taken social distancing as an opportunity to connect with Mother Nature on a deeper level. We cherish our time outdoors, taking every opportunity to escape the craziness and crowds to get some fresh air. And she has much more in store for us where that came from.

The planet is still blessed with incredible, vast, untouched open landscapes and these spaces are where our souls can flourish the most. We’ll be sharing stories that encourage people to get away from the crowds in any way possible, explore their backyards or those of our neighbours. Let’s keep that social distancing going and go where no other humans are in sight.

  • Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. Photo: Kellie Paxian
  • Waterfall in New Hampshire. Photo: Kellie Paxian
  • Chilliwack, British Columbia. Photo: Kellie Paxian

Road trips

Many countries are looking towards easing restrictions, but it’s unlikely that borders will be opening up for non-essential travel in the near future. Cruise ship and airborne travel have a long way to go before resuming back to normal. Luckily, each and every country is stacked with incredible gems that are just a car ride away.

Let’s share stories about packing the vehicle, stocking up on snacks, and driving to that destination you’ve only seen in photos — or just driving until something sparks your interest. World Footprints will take you across landscapes to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, allowing us to connect with our natural surroundings without having to hop in a crowded vessel.

So who is ready to follow in our footsteps on this new, exciting journey of exploring the world? Get ready, travel lovers, because the adventure is far from over!

  • Road trip, British Columbia. Photo: Kellie Paxian
  • Road trip on mototcycle
  • road-travel
  • RV travel and camping

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