The Grand Canyon National Park is a location that just the name alone sends feelings of awe through any traveler.

It is one of the premiere visited tourist destinations within the United States and with good reason. It’s immense size has left many in awe of this world wonder, with rock formations of all kinds and designs, that no one person could possibly see them all in even a hundred visits.

You can choose to come in from the South or North Rim. If your choice is the South, Grand Canyon Village is your best bet for lodging and is open all year round. Twenty-four miles east of Grand Canyon Village is the South Rim Desert View, which is also open all year. Note though that there is no lodging there, but you can use the campground, though it does not have hook-ups. The North Rim is open for a short season—May 15 – October 15, and you can also lodge at Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Canyon, which is open year-round.

Don’t worry about shopping for food, or souvenirs either, as you can get all these things inside and outside the South and North Rim parks, and at Phantom Ranch.

You might choose to camp out instead, and there are various options for those who do. However, with all the beauty of the world literally right in front of you, you must be wondering what activities you can get up to while at the Canyon.

Of course hiking is a popular way to not only reach the Canyon, but explore. However, for those who want to up their adventure ante, how about spending some time on the Colorado River, white water rafting as you do? Be sure you know which rapids you’re taking on though, as with over 150 named rapids within the Canyon—some rated as class IV or V, you have to be sure that you are aware of your skill level and don’t take on a class that’s above your experience. Consider hiring an experienced guide from one of the sixteen river rafting companies offering various rafting ‘packages’ for your convenience.

Whatever your choice, this is an adventure that everyone should experience. The wildlife, communing with nature, seeing one of the great wonders of the world up-close…hook, line, and sinker for why you should add The Grand Canyon to your travel bucket list!

Cover photo of Grand Canyon by Tonya Fitzpatrick.

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