Swimming with the dolphins is a magical activity that may seem like a dream, but it is within your reach and you can do this is a socially responsible manner–enjoying these animals in their natural habitat, not captivity.

Travel to New Zealand’s Kaikoura, where you can do this and more in one of the best locations in the world for close encounters with these amazing creatures.  Huge pods of dolphins gather by the hundreds, making a visit to Kaikoura a unique and exciting experience.

Dolphins with swimmersFound within the Maori region, you can choose from two options to enjoy your dolphin encounter. You can swim with the dolphins and experience the thrill of being among the mammals in their environment. With this choice only thirteen swimmers are allowed in at a time, armed with strict instructions given beforehand, meant to protect both swimmers and the mammals. The other option is to watch from a safe distance, which is just as fun especially when the dolphins are in the mood for showcasing their tricks and jumps. While dolphins are usually rather amiable and docile, swimmers are reminded that they are wild animals and as such, “touching opportunities” shouldn’t be expected.

If diving with dolphins in the crystal clear seas of Kaikoura isn’t up your alley, there are many other activities to take part in. The tiny coastal village is near to a mountain range where visitors can experience adventures on land. Scenic mountain flights, hiking, walking, skiing, and horse trekking are among these and the gorgeous landscapes are amazing to see when taking part in any. Golf is another activity that’s popular among visitors, and you’ll be the envy of your friends as you take a swing or many with backdrops of beautiful, clear seas, and breathtaking mountains.

Back on the water you can choose a fishing trip, as there are many opportunities for this activity. Not to mention dolphins aren’t the only marine life to see while there, as divers soon discover with the wide variety of colorful species below the surface.

Kaikoura has something for everyone—dolphins, land and sea adventures, and sporting activities in a great location. Even if you choose to spend your time just relaxing, it’s a great place to unwind too.