Based in New York City, World Footprints editor Terri Marshall is an award-winning writer covering cultural travel, multi-generational travel, food, drink, road trips, cars and characters. Terri spent most of her life in the southeastern USA before surprising everyone by moving to New York 16 years ago. She also left behind a career in trust and estate administration to pursue her journalistic interests. Trading an office with a view in exchange for the freedom and discoveries of travel was the best decision she ever made. From hanging out with penguins in Antarctica to fishing for piranhas in Peru to standing under the Northern Lights above the Arctic, Terri’s always up for an adventure. When she’s not traveling, you can find her hiking along the many trails in New York’s Hudson Valley. Publication credits include AARP, SheBuysTravel, Girl Camper, Island Soul, Chilled, A Girls Guide to Cars, Alaska Business Magazine, North Hills Monthly, Around Wellington and more. Follow Terri’s adventures on Instagram @Trippingwithterri