“Tonya is an amazing speaker, traveller, & example for world citizenship. She truly lives her story: Connecting people & service across the world. Her story exemplifies living a life of continual transition. There were amazing stories & asides, as Tonya kept the audience focused on their own potential development journeys.”

“Tonya spoke at the 2017 National Association of Women MBAs annual Conference.  She knows the real value of careers, career transitions, and honoring one’s life’s work. The audience gave rave reviews.”

“If I could express what Tonya is in one word it would be REGAL…Even before she presented I observed how Tonya was proficient and incredible in her craft.”

“Tonya did an amazing job of educating us on what it takes to launch, run and sustain a successful podcast…I walked away with an awareness of what it takes and tangible strategies on how to succeed.”

“Tonya showcases her depth of knowledge and passion for socially conscious travel. As a woman of color, she brings a unique perspective to her approach to travel, which is evident in all of her endeavors.”

“Tonya is an engaging, charismatic speaker and a great storyteller. She takes you with her; as she easily interacts with her audience. That’s a gift!”