From breathtaking palaces to ancient tombs, a visit to Marrakesh is a Moroccan dream vacation for any traveler.

Marrakesh market

Located at the crossroads of what were once North African caravan routes in the High Atlas Mountains foothills, this is a city of glorious beauty and significance. As it is a major Moroccan commercial center, the 1.5 million citizens seamlessly bring the modern world to their ancient surroundings, and are known to be tourist-friendly and helpful.

Discover Moroccan traditional markets known as souks, which showcase specific crafts—pottery, jewelry, textiles—and how they are created.  Marrakesh has the largest souk in the country, and you can also stay a while and join the auction for produced items in the late afternoon.

Medina is the old side of Marrakesh and travel there must include visits to Dar Si Said—museum featuring Moroccan arts and folk crafts, Dar Tiskiwin, a museum and townhouse showcasing  Dutch expatriate  Bert Flint’s collection of Moroccan wonders, and of course the Koutoubia mosque, a novel place surrounded by rose gardens.

Bahia Palace.
Bahia Palace.

Though being in Marrakesh is a wonder in itself, prepare to be awed by the incredible El Badi Palace, and Bahia Palace. Of all Marrakesh’s palaces these two are the most famous, and are truly architectural triumphs.

Marrakesh’s relaxed atmosphere draws visitors in, and you may never want to leave. With historical attractions including the Saadian Tombs which date back to the 16th century and the time of the renowned sultan Ahmad I al-Mansur, the city is a breath of fresh air for all history, museum, and culture buffs.

As it is close to the Sahara, adventurers can take the long way to Marrakesh, where you trek through the desert before arriving at your amazing destination, viewing other interesting historical sites along the way. This is just one of the many ways travel there is possible.

So, while Marrakesh became more prominent on the world stage following Casablanca, the classic movie is not its only claim to fame. Don’t miss out on all this unique city has to offer, visit Marrakesh and be blown away.

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