While most peole arriving in Europe to see the magnificent tourist destinations located on the continent choose to visit the most famous capitals of the West, there are some destination, rather unknown to the tourism industry, that have the potential and impress and intrigue. One of these places is the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, a city with a rich history that spans almost two millennia. There are countless reasons to visit the city, but here are the most important ones:

1. Charming architecture – While most tourists would not expect this, Belgrade features amazing landmarks that exhibit various charming architectural styles, coming from its long history. The city has everything, from imposing royal palaces and luxurious mansions to intricate orthodox cathedrals and churches, and from ancient fortresses to modern buildings.

2. Interesting Museums – Belgrade has its own share of diverse museums, presenting the history and lifestyle of an entire nation. Tourists can choose from countless destinations, including the National Museum, the History Museum, Ethnographic Museum, the Military Museum, the Nikola Tesla Museum and many others. These amazing museums make Belgrade one of the greatest destinations in South-Eastern Europe.

3. The Kalemegdan Fortress – This impressive fortification located at the tip of the peninsula where the rivers Danube and Sava meet used to be an important military fortress in medieval times. Today, it is one of the most charming parks in the world. Among the walls and ruins there are trees and flowers today, with people strolling and relaxing on the benches. It is also a romantic destination within Belgrade.

4. Unique atmosphere – While the city is still Eastern through its core, Belgrade has a charming Mediterranean and Western vibe to it, with elegant pedestrian streets, wide boulevards with fashion shops, small pubs and bars on the side streets, fancy restaurants and a lively cultural scene. One of the most attractive areas of the city is the Skadarlija Street, a small cobblestone alley filled with bohemian restaurants and craftsmen shops, where people can truly feel the unique atmosphere of the city.

5. Traditional cuisine – While visiting the most popular and famous tourist destinations in Europe, it is sometimes difficult to find restaurants where one can still try the traditional cuisine of that destination. In Belgrade, these are everywhere and anyone can sample the unique delicious Serbian. There are also some charming restaurants along the Danube that have tasty fish specialties.