Looking for travel that unites your purpose and passion beyond your wildest imagination?  Volunteer travel, also known as, “voluntourism” – combining travel with volunteer work – is a growing trend because it offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself in local cultures while making a difference in the community you’re visiting.

Baby sea turtle hatchling being held by a little girl.Whether you want to assist victims of natural disasters, visit an elephant camp in Africa, help guide sea turtle hatchlings to the waters, build a new school, feed a village or help an orphanage in Vietnam, sites like i-to-i and Volunteer Abroad can match your travel and volunteer interests with a variety of volunteer travel opportunities.  Voluntourism can also be a wonderful experience for the entire family, giving you memories that will last a lifetime.

Take that first step to leave a positive footprint and look for ways to let your humanitarian spirit glow on your next trip.