Connecting Across Distances: COVID-19 Impact on Puerto Rico

As we continue navigating this new normal of lockdowns and social distancing, World Footprints connects with Sarah Ratliff, a previous podcast guest from Puerto Rico.

Backed by statistics, Sarah offers some interesting insights into the impact of coronavirus on Puerto Rico and the government’s response to the pandemic. She also shares some insights from the U.S Virgin Islands—all while being accompanied by a chorus of nature.

If you’re feeling a little stressed by the day’s news just close your eyes and listened to the song of the tropics and pretend that you’re lying on a beach somewhere.

Remember, we are experiencing this pandemic together and World Footprints is connecting you to others around the world who are navigating this health crisis.

Be safe. Stay home. Remember to wash your hands frequently even while you’re home.


Resources:  CDC COVID-19 Updates and information

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Freelance travel writer Sarah Ratliff lives on Puerto Rico.Sarah Ratliff is a corporate America escapee turned eco-organic farmer, writer, published book author and activist. She is the co-author of Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide, an anthology of essays exploring mixed-race identity that has attracted 50+ 5-star reviews on Amazon. Her main topics of interest are Puerto Rico, medicinal cannabis, health, race and gender, addiction, politics and the environment. She currently lives on Puerto Rico.