COVID-19 in the French Alps: Chambery, France

Recently France experienced the highest number of COVID-19 related deaths in any one day.  Like every other country in the world, France has not been immune to the spread of this virus.  And, in dense cities like Paris it is not surprising to see the devastation the coronavirus has left in its wake.  But how has the virus impacted the small rural areas?

My dear friend Catherine Chambre joined me to talk about how her town, Chambery, and other small villages in the French Alps are dealing with COVID-19. Surprisingly the measures in those smaller towns and villages are equally as strict even though the number of illnesses and deaths hasn’t been as staggering as in the metropolitan areas.

As our call was ending I was treated to a chorus of clapping that takes place at 8:00pm every night across the entire country to honor medical professionals and other essential personnel. It was heartwarming to see that this wonderful gesture takes place in all corners of the country.