COVID-19 Report from Mexico

For weeks it seemed like Mexico wasn’t as impacted by COVID-19 as other countries around the world and, certainly, not as affected as it’s U.S. neighbor.  But what was happening in Mexico and how is the country handling the coronavirus pandemic today? Was Mexico just slow to respond to the pandemic or did the virus not spread to Mexico at the time it did other countries?

This is a video of an interview we did with travel journalist Tim Leffel.

Tim Leffel is an award-winning travel journalist and U.S. expat who resides Mexico.  He joined World Footprints to answer those questions and to share his insights on current events in Mexico’s central state of Guanajuato.

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Tim Leffel head shot

Tim Leffel is an award-winning travel writer, editor, and blogger. He publishes five online magazines and blogs including Perceptive Travel, the Cheapest Destinations Blog, and Hotel Scoop. He is the author of several books including Travel Writing 2.0, A Better Life for Half the Price, and The World’s Cheapest Destinations, now in its fifth edition. He is a member of NATJA and SATW and is North American Conference Director of the Travel Bloggers Exhange Conference (TBEX). See more at