PBS Television Host Rick Steves about his love for Europe and Celebration of Diversity

World Footprints stows away with travel writer and PBS TV host Rick Steves as he shares his new book, “For The Love Of Europe” and how travel is an antidote to the purposeful dumbing down of American society.

This interview shows a different side of Rick Steves and our conversation explores the responsibility and place in the world that Rick believes he occupies. Rick discusses why travel is important to educational development and global citizenship. Our conversation is thoughtful and provocative in parts and it shows a side of Rick that is not frequently seen.

The more you learn about this world…the broader your viewpoint gets…the more you celebrate diversity

Rick Steves

Until we are free and safe to travel again we can explore Europe and beyond through Rick’s stories. (We promise you’ll be entertained.) We can also discover how we think about the importance of travel as well as how we can develop our place in a world that is equitable and kind.

Rick Steves book cover