U.S. Democracy examined and Home Exchange inspirations

In her new book, You Call THIS Democracy? author Elizabeth Rusch illuminates undemocratic elements plaguing American democracy.  She also offers international comparisons and provides insights into how American democracy is viewed from abroad.

You Call THIS Democracy? gives us a clear look at the problems we face in our politics today…and it is an important read for anyone interested in our politics.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton

“You Call THIS Democracy? is vital to understanding how our democracy really works. This book will enable readers to fully appreciate the challenges we face in preserving the integrity of future elections.”

Donna Brazile, FOX News contributor and political strategist
Elizabeth_Rusch_You Call This Democracy COVER FINAL

As a prolific writer Elizabeth finds her greatest inspirations when she’s traveling.  She uses the Home Exchange program, a house-swapping network, when she travels because of the cultural immersive opportunities it offers. Most of her 20+ books have been inspired by her Home Exchange travel experiences.

Explore the current state of American democracy and hear why home exchanges have inspired many of the books Elizabeth has written.

All Books are available on Amazon:

A Search for the Northern Lights

The Music of Life: Bartolomeo Cristofori & the Invention of the Piano

Impact!: Asteroids and the Science of Saving the World