If you plan on traveling for 2019, don’t make unrealistic resolutions or expectations, as it will make your traveling experience a nightmare. Remember, a vacation is supposed to help you with your health and well-being. If you want to have balance in your life, you must create it. How can you ensure you have a great 2019 vacation with less stress and more fun?

Take Additional Time Off

Vacation days are something companies give employees as compensation for their hard work. However, many American workers have unused vacation days. What you need to remember is that the employers have agreed to the vacation terms – duration typically – when an employee is hired. Timing is up to the employee – when they’ll take the vacation so long as it is reasonable for the employer.

To make it a smooth process for all, consider providing as much notice as possible being aware of your company’s busy seasons. Talk with other employees to ensure your vacation plans won’t interfere with theirs.

Be respectful to your boss as for when you want to take vacation – just like any other issue in the workplace.

Have Fun While Traveling

It’s nice to have an itinerary and write things down that you’d like to do and see. However, abiding by the itinerary completely can take away from the fun. Give yourself some time to be spontaneous. If you see something you like along the way, go ahead and take a detour to have some fun.

Itineraries are more for airline travel, car rentals, reservations, hotels, etc. Write down what you want to check out each day, but remember that it’s only one thing you have to do. The rest of your time is for you that day.

Don’t Stress So Much About Packing

Are you the type of person who is determined not to check in baggage? Stop your stressing here. Getting checked at the gate can be a tedious thing to go through, but it’s really not that big of a deal. The only thing that could be problematic is when you’re making connecting flights, but still, it’s not that much time added to the trip for checking in your bag.

Change how you take your vacation in 2019 and make it less stressful for you.