People who use medical marijuana who always wanted to visit Hawaii have another reason to do so.

The Associated Press reports that Hawaii will allow visitors who have permission to use medical marijuana to register and purchase the drug from the islands’ dispensaries.

The state’s Department of Health announced it was launching an online medical marijuana registration system that lets eligible patients attain a secure electronic registration card. The new system will let out-of-state visitors register before they arrive to ensure they can buy from state dispensaries.

Hawaii Department of Health Director Bruce Anders said the electronic medical cannabis card is a key step in better access to eligible medical cannabis patients who live in and visit the state. There are 32 states, four U.S. territories and Washington D.C. that permit marijuana for medical use.

People interested in getting Hawaii’s medical marijuana registration card must pay a $49.50 application fee, which should be submitted 60 days before they visit the state.


Source:  Travel Pulse

This World Brief was written exclusively for World Footprints by contributor Susan Powell.