When we attended a recent Travel Adventure Show in Washington, DC we happened upon a vendor who offered to show us their new travel bag. We reluctantly agreed to see the demonstration but the more we watched the more we were impressed (really wowed!).

The travel bag we saw had so many functional features and we wanted to acquire one right away! Unfortunately, they had demo bags but they told us that there would be a chance to order a bag during their Kickstarter campaign.

Onli Infographic
Infographic of Onli bag

The Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE until April 25, 2022. This offers a limited time to pledge to the campaign and order this extraordinary bag at a discount.

The dynamic duo who designed this bag is a father-son team out of Boston. The name of their company is Onli Travel and their Onli bag is really going to change the way we pack for travel. Just see for yourself.

Their amazing product gives you three bags in one, so it can be anything from a lightweight backpack for exploring a city to an around the world travel backpack… that also rolls!

Remember, you only have until April 25th to pledge to their campaign and save around $100 off the retail price of an Onli bag.

Happy travels!

Note: This is NOT a promotion. We’re sharing only to give you a chance to take advantage of this discount.