People visiting Paris and the Eiffel Tower can now take a zip line. It’s a second time in three years that Perrier, the French mineral water brand, has put up the zip line on the 1,063-foot tall iconic feature.

The zip line lasts about one minute, beginning at the tower’s balcony (380 feet up) and stops at the Ecole Militaire (military complex). Riders will hit speeds of over 55 miles per hour, traveling a total of 2,600 feet.

Some members will be able to enjoy the ride for free if they are chosen through an online social media draw. A total of 260 flights are available until the ride shuts down.

The zip line, which first opened in 2017, was in celebration of the Roland-Garros French Open tennis championships. Today, the zip line is in celebration of both the Grand Slam tournament and the 130th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower.

This World Brief was written by contributor Susan Powell exclusively for World Footprints.

Source:  Travel Pulse