Photo of Ian reflecting on the water. Photo: Tonya Fitzpatrick

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”   

            – Anonymous

Travel should be a lifestyle choice and the way you travel is reflective of your life priorities. Leisure has no definition, it all depends on how you feel happy and satisfied. Similarly your travel choices are greatly influenced by your lifestyle choices.

If you are adventurous then a safari trip can be your travel choice, if you love peace,nature and solitude then off beat locations would entice you and if you like lights, music and dance then may be you will choose to make a trip to some upcoming musical show. Your style of living, personality and habits determine your travel choice to a great extent.

The selections on this page including thoughtful and inspiring stories that offer a glimpse into one’s life journey. These stories are reflections of a life that is being well lived.

Apple orchard

Taste the Local Lifestyle with Agritourism

By Breana Johnson

I bend to reach under a blueberry bush, knowing the juiciest berries are hiding underneath, where all the other pickers have missed them.   Read more

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Author dancing in Greece experiencing Kefi

Kefi Culture: The Greek Ethos

By Jim Bamboulis

Greeks don’t seek kefi, they find it naturally in their day-to-day lives.   Read more

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girl-joyous on mountain

Talk about Travel Mania

Travel vicariously through author Karen Gershowitz’s compelling stories as she gives us an up-close, often humorous look at the defining moments that only travel can offer.   Read more

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Friluftsliv Hikes in New York

Friluftsliv: The Scandinavian Concept We Should All Embrace

By Terri Marshall

When I initially heard about free air life, my mind immediately conjured up images of people hiking frozen glaciers, swimming across the fjords and scaling mountains of terrifying heights.   Read more

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Self Care umbrella

How To Mentally Take Care Of Yourself During The Coronavirus Pandemic

When a crisis hits, it’s instinctive for people to come together in solidarity and help one another. The social support is instrumental in negating any negative impact the events can have on one’s mental health. The coronavirus outbreak is unlike anything in modern history with governments requesting that people isolate … Read more   Read more


Four Travel Trends We’ll See in the New Year

The travel world has changed significantly in the last 10 years with the rise if responsible and increased international tourism. Today, people are more concerned than ever with green travel and the increase in carbon offsets for hotels with doing away with miniatures bottles and flying. There are many social … Read more   Read more

Digital Nomad - camera and map

5 Tips For Becoming a Successful Digital Nomad

There is really no such thing as a “successful” traveler. You may have accomplished travelers or well-traveled people, but being a successful traveler is quite subjective and should be left up to the opinion of others. That’s largely because traveling is seen as such a temporary, fleeting thing. You save … Read more   Read more

World map with touch screen travel app

Google Creates Trips; Brings Travel Related Apps To One Landing Page

Google will bring its travel-related apps and products under one landing page known as Trips. People who come to will find Google Flights, Google hotels search, the mobile Google Trips apps and others and plan out their travel easily and effectively. At Trips, users can look for a destination … Read more   Read more

Travel Insurance graphic.

Travel Insurance: Take A Vacation With Some Additional Peace Of Mind

According to a survey by travel insurer Squaremouth, about 24 percent more people will be insuring their international travels, spending about $140 per trip for the insurance. What is travel insurance? It’s protection from the unexpected that could arise when traveling – things that your health insurance may not cover. … Read more   Read more

Relaxing on a beach hammock

3 Tips To Help Travelers Have A Less Stressful Vacation In 2019

If you plan on traveling for 2019, don’t make unrealistic resolutions or expectations, as it will make your traveling experience a nightmare. Remember, a vacation is supposed to help you with your health and well-being. If you want to have balance in your life, you must create it. How can … Read more   Read more

Bar drink

Airlines Attempt to Crack Down on Drunken Travelers

Travel passengers who get boozed up before they catch their flights are becoming more frequent by the day. This rising number of people getting drunk at airports has caused a huge concern with new numbers increasing from 31% to 42%. Those consuming between four units and eight units of alcohol … Read more   Read more

Travel passports

Travel like A Pro With These 7 Essentials

When we are at home, we pretty have much everything that we need. However, things are often different when we are traveling and we must learn to pack all the travel essentials. Many of us can admit that they do seldom forget to carry an item which they absolutely need. … Read more   Read more