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What exactly is travel mania? For author Karen Gershowitz, a self-proclaimed travel addict, the term travel mania refers to someone like her who needs the “fix” of travel.

In Karen’s new book, Travel Mania: Stories of Wanderlust, she explores the life-changing moments that only five decades of traveling can provide. With more than 90 countries under her belt Karen started her life of adventure and travel addiction when she left home at the age of 17 for a solo trip in Europe.

One of the richest things about traveling is the transformation that takes places within ourselves and the life lessons that one acquires as a result of a travel experience. Witnessing a “Presentation of Pigs” in Indonesia, tasting Yak cheese and facing potential death on Mount Kilimanjaro are just a sample of travel experiences that Karen chronicles in her book. She shares the powerful life lesson that Kilimanjaro provided her with us on World Footprints.   

Travel vicariously through author Karen Gershowitz’s compelling stories as she gives us an up-close, often humorous look at the defining moments that only travel can offer.

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  1. Karen’s podcast about Travel revealed the most important aspect of living. Be fully present. It was her experience on the climb to Kilimanjaro that brought this
    very important advice about living a good life. It has inspired me to travel; get out of my comfort zone, meet myself in beautiful places, and enjoy the company of others. At the very least, as Karen has point out, I can travel my immediate surroundings and discover parts of the world. I can tell from the podcast that Karen’s unique personal approach will make her book Travel Mania a unique read to the travel reader.


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