St. Vincent pianist, Kendol Bacchus, shares healing music and updates from the island

Pianist Kendol Bacchus, who hails from the island of St. Vincent, is riding out the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida. He had a concert tour planned when he arrived in the U.S. two months ago so he is hunkering down until he can resume his concert schedule.

Until that time comes, Kendol joined World Footprints to share some COVID-19 updates from St. Vincent and a sample of his musical gift. We’ve seen how much music helps to connect and heal us during this time of social distancing. So we thought it would be appropriate to invite our friend Kendol to play a song for all of us because we know, first hand, the power of his gift. (You can listen to our podcast interview with Kendol on to understand the backstory of how we met.)

So sit back, close your eyes and relax to the beautiful sounds Kendol offers.

To enjoy more of Kendol’s music visit his website:

**Give Me Jesus appears on the album entitled Pilgrimage.  To listen to a sample of this song and others, visit Kendol’s music library page.


Photograph of pianist Kendol BacchusKendol Bacchus brings to today’s world-music soundscape a pianism that is eclectic, melodic, and deeply emotional. His varied approaches to piano music offer unique poetic genres and colors. You will find his music to be both reflective and introspective.

He was born on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 1967 when music was going through all kinds of interesting changes. Song writers in the pop world were exploring new harmonies, electronica, and instrumentation. This world surrounded Kendol as he grew up. He was wired and tuned into an extreme mix of classical music at home, pop music on the radio with strong Afrocentric, West Indian influences, and the American sound of those times- these all alongside the most varied and amazing church-based music.