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Lincoln Memorial

Unlocking the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure Secrets of Washington, DC

From spirit circles to brothels and Sonny Bono, these are just a few of the backstories behind JoAnn Hill’s new book, Secret Washington DC.

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Europe with Rick Steves

Rick Steves “For the Love of Europe” and his Travel-Driven Social Ethos

Rick Steves joins us for very thought-provoking discussions ranging from the current pandemic and social issues to the challenging issues facing the travel industry today.

Norfolk’s Underground Railroad, Student Travel and Decoding Autism

Travel along Norfolk's Underground Railroad, across the world for a cultural exchange program and student travel, then learn about decoding autism.
US Marine corps

Inspirational Life and Travel Journeys from a Woman Marine

One of America’s first Black female Marines talks about her military service, inspirational life journey and travels.

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