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If you love traveling and take vacations away from home, you’re not alone. An estimated 1.4 billion people on the planet travel somewhere at least once every year. Unfortunately, the travel industry is partly responsible for the increase in greenhouse gas emissions compared to other sectors. Concerns over climate change and environmental issues should cause … Read more


On May 14, 1796, Edward Jenner, an English physician and scientist who pioneered the concept of vaccines, administered the first smallpox vaccination to 8 year old James Phipps. In 1977, with assistance from the World Health Organization, the smallpox virus became the first disease in the world to be eradicated from the global  population as … Read more

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    COVID-19 has spread throughout the world, forcing people far and wide to change how they live their daily lives.  The world came to a standstill at the first half of 2020 when cities and towns went into lock down. In June, countries began with soft reopening efforts in an attempt to jump start … Read more


The year 2020 has been about the coronavirus pandemic. It’s affected the world, touching all spheres of life, be it economic, social or political. Countries like Singapore were favored for being the best prepared to handle the coronavirus due to their prior experience with the SARS virus that had spread across the Asian countries at rapid … Read more

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The travel advisory which had been put in place for 5 months, advising against international travel, has been lifted by the US State Department. In a news release on Thursday, the state agency said it had coordinated the lifting of the travel advisory the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They had issued the … Read more

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Allianz, which is a financial and travel insurance company, conducted a survey of 4,300 random clients who had purchased a policy between June 19, 2019, and February 29, 2020, with the policy ending by March 1, 2020. The survey’s intention was to askt: “what would make you comfortable enough to travel?”  50% of those surveyed … Read more

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Cruise travel is at a standstill during this period of uncertainty with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has sent out a request for information related to cruise ship embarkation and planning and infrastructure. This measure is an effort by the CDC to develop a strategy to prevent, mitigate, and … Read more

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Fourteen leaders of top travel-related companies sent a letter to President Donald Trump and House and Senate leaders on Monday 27 July in which they requested broader Covid-19 testing that is also made quicker, returning results within 24-48 hours. The letter from the U.S. Travel Association asked that the improvements be added in the next … Read more

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If you’ve set off on a euro trip anytime in your life, you’ve probably visited some of the most-frequented countries on the continent: France, Spain, Italy, or the United Kingdom, just to name a few. However, many travelers tend to skip over the locations that elicit some of the most unique experiences. This holds true for … Read more

Refugees migrating to a safer country.

It is easy to think that with over 60,000 mobility restrictions imposed over the world during the pandemic, it would be more difficult for smugglers to continue operating. Believing that such restrictions and the existence of the pandemic would deter smuggling activities is a far-reaching notion. Migrants continue to seek different routes to get to … Read more