You see the words “Green Spain” and if you’re unfamiliar, are probably thinking of Spaniards soaked in green paint, or some other vivid imagery.

What Green Spain actually refers to is the Asturias region of the country, so named because of its diverse wilderness that will simply take your breath away. Located on the northern coast of Spain, and across from Bay of Biscay, the verdant coastal strip is north of the Cantabrian Mountains, and is often overshadowed by more popular destinations like Barcelona and Madrid.


Hikers from across the world travel to the region to take advantage of lush green forests, incredible landscapes including the Picos de Europa (Peaks of Europe), and clear rivers. However, this diverse destination offers more than just hiking, much more.

The region’s historic “capital” is Oviedo, which, along with its surrounding hills, hide many historic Romanesque churches that will ensure you get your injection of ancient culture as you explore.

Photo:  Juan J. Martinez

If you just want to indulge, it’s the right place to do so too, as Oviedo is known for its Sidra (Spanish cider). Travelers can take a load off along the Boulevard of Cider, and drink to their heart’s content as local life passes you by. Add fabada asturiana to your lazy afternoon’s menu, as the delicious local dish that is a bean stew made with chorizo sausage, morcilla (black pudding), pork shoulder, and saffron, is a must-try while in the Asturias region.

Expect to find many Spanish travelers vacationing there while you are, as it’s one of the most popular destinations for citizens.  The sunshine and local beaches are a huge draw, and villages like Gijon that mix the old and modern day, allow you to shop-till-you-drop if you wish. Today Gijon is also a busy shipping port, a far cry from where it started as a small fishing village three thousand years ago.

For those who want to slow right down, take advantage of the many other fishing villages the region has. Enjoy quiet walks along the coast, breathe in the sea air, and become one with Green Spain for at least a little while.

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