Christina Heyniger

Christina Heyniger

In the adventure tourism industry, Christina Heyniger works with entrepreneurs and community tourism interests to develop and market niche tourism products and services. She has supported adventure travel tour operators and associations operating in Cambodia, China, Ecuador, India, Morocco, Nepal, and the United States and speaks regularly at industry and academic conferences on topics ranging from small business management to humanitarian aid and international development through responsible tourism.

Christina Heyniger is the founder of Xola Consulting and Off the Radar, an online resource for adventure travelers. Xola provides research and consulting services to adventure travel companies and tourism boards around the world. Through Xola, Christina and her team regularly produce general and specialized adventure tourism industry research reports.  She started Xola Consulting in July 2005 and her focus was on serving niche tourism service providers in a range of specialized travel alternatives as a counterpoint to mass tourism. Now, she has raised the bar for adventure tourism development worldwide by adding public relations services.

Christina Heyniger has been featured in Outside Magazine’s “Sweet Gigs” story in 2008, as well as Entrepreneur’s “When the World is Your Office” in 2010. Christina is a frequent public speaker at such events as World Travel Mart in London and the annual Adventure Travel Trade Association Summit.

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