Dr. Betty Moseley Brown

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Dr. Betty Moseley Brown proudly served her country as one of the first African American women to join the Marine Corps. She currently serves as Division Chief of Federal Advisory Committees, Veterans Experience Office at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Dr. Moseley Brown is keynote speaker, corporate training and a current member of the National Speaker Association (NSA). She has been  personally certified by Sam Horn in Tongue Fu! ® in the art of how to deflect, disarm, and diffuse any verbal conflict. She is also certified by John Maxwell as a coach and trainer on his trademarked leadership programs.

Dr. Moseley Brown earned a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Sarasota. As an avid Toastmaster, she achieved the highest level in public speaking of Distinguished Toastmaster.

Dr. Betty Moseley Brown is a career employee with the Department of Veterans Affairs where she is nationally recognized for her service and advocacy to veterans, especially women Veterans. She is credited with facilitating the National Summit on Women Veterans (many times) and spearheading the “Herstory” campaign where women Veterans share their experiences.

She is a 2009 graduate of the Federal Executive Institute and served as the National President of the Women Marines Association from 2012-2018.

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In honor of our Veterans we are pleased to share a conversation with Dr. Betty Moseley Brown, one of the first women of color to join the U.S. Marine Corps in the 1970s.  

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