Ivan Duque Marquez

Ivan Marquez with the Inter-American Development Bank

Ivan Duque Marquez is currently the President of Colombia. At the time of our interview he  served as the Inter-American Development Bank (IIDB) Culture, Creativity and Solidarity Division Chief. Previously he served as Special Advisor to Colombia´s former President Alvaro Uribe Vélez, Senior Advisor to the UN Department of Political Affairs, Senior Counselor for Colombia and Peru at the IDB, Advisor to the Colombian Minister of Finance, Private Consultant and University Lecturer in Public Administration, Strategy and Constitutional Theory. Mr. Duque holds a JD from Universidad Sergio Arboleda in Colombia, an Master in Policy Management from Georgetown University, a Master in International Legal Studies (LLM) from American University and various Executive Degrees from Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Government. He is the Author of Maquiavelo in Colomba and Monetary Sins.

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