Experiencing the World as a Blind Traveler

Hands reading a braille document.

Meet Dale Reardon, a blind traveler from Australia who has not let his disability limit his love for exploring the world.  We asked Dale about his travel experiences as a blind person. Some of what he shared may be surprising.

Dale’s experience as a blind traveler is inspiring a community overlooked in the travel space.  He tell us that nearly 25% of the world’s population has accessibility needs but those needs are only partially being met.  For example, Dale shares a story about a new one-touch technology a hotel chain offers. With one touch this technology will close window shades, turn on the television, order a meal, turn lights on and off, etc. However, the technology was not equipped with voice commands so, as a blind person, Dale was not able to use it.

“There is not a one-size fits all solution for people with disabilities.”

Dale Reardon

That is just one example where the travel industry has forgotten a segment of the disability community.

Dale has faced discrimination; he’s been barred from taxi’s and restaurants because of his guide dog and he’s been prevented from partaking in some activities.

Through his website, Travel For All, Dale provides a Tripadvisor-type forum for people with accessibility needs who love to travel—from people with disabilities to elderly people with mobility challenges.


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