BOOK CLUB: A Journey into Dorothy Parker’s New York

Author Kevin Fitzpatrick (no relation to us) joins us to talk about his dynamic historic guidebook:  Dorothy Parker’s New York. As part of the ArtPlace Series, this richly illustrated book captures the New York that inspired Dorothy Parker.  Much more than a travel book, readers are taken on a journey into her favorite haunts as well as her career, private life, political activism, theatrical exploits, and final years. Today’s World Footprints Book Club is joined by listener reviewers Karon Powell and Seigrid Rich. Interested in continuing the journey with Dorothy Parker? 

Take a journey into the city of theaters, bars, and hotel rooms where Dorothy Parker sharpened her wit, polished her writing, and captured the edgy mood of her times. This eye-opening volume explores Mrs. Parker’s favorite salons and saloons as well as her homes and offices (most of them still intact); charts her colorful career and intense private life; and recounts her political activism, theatrical exploits, and final years.  “I supposed that is the thing about New York,” Mrs. Parker wrote in 1928. “It is always a little more than you had hoped for. Each day, there, is so definitely a new day.”

You can purchase the book by clicking here.  


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