BOOK CLUB: Samuel Sails ‘Round the Horn

Lynn Glaze
Lynn Glaze

Author and former school teacher Lynn Glaze joins this special children’s book club to discuss her book:  Samuel Sails Round the Horn. A tale of an ancestor that provides a realistic glimpse into daily life in 1850 and embraces the importance of traveling to adopt a worldly view. We’re joined by two special student listener reviewers: Jedidiah Bonner and Zamika Peterson. Sam’s adventure is a great read for school-aged children and adults alike.  Want to hear more about Sam’s journey? The California Gold Rush?

It is October 1850, talk of the discovery of gold in California is rampant, and sixteen-year-old Sam Nelson has just made a life-changing decision. Unbeknownst to him, he is sailing straight into manhood. In this adventurous tale based on true events, a young man with a big dream soon learns more about himself than he ever imagined as he takes the voyage of a lifetime.

 You can purchase Samuel Sails ‘Round the Horn by clicking here.

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