Endangered Languages, Culinary Dreams and Sylvia’s Children non-profit

Every 14 days a language dies.  National Geographic author and renown linguist, David Harrison, joins World Footprints to discuss his latest book: The Last Speakers:  The Quest to Save the World’s Most Endangered Languages. 

Then celebrated personal chef to the stars, Chef Jermome Brown–a.k.a. Chef Rome, is fresh on the heels of his invitation to participate in the International Food & Wine Festival.  He joins World Footprints to talk about his journey from a small neighborhood eatery in Rocky Mount, North Carolina to the accolades he was showered with in Orlando, Fla.. 

Finally, Sylvia Allen is a prominent business woman, Associate Professor of Marketing and Author; but since 2003, she has placed the title of Humanitarian at the top of her professional mantel.  After returning from a humanitarian trip to Uganda, where she was adopted as a grandmother by local children, Sylvia returned and created “Sylvia’s Children” with a commitment to help feed, clothe and educate the children of Uganda.