James Carville and Mary Matalin on New Orleans; living along Paris’s rue des Martyrs

The best way to experience a city is through the eyes of a local.   We’ll travel to New Orleans and walk along Paris’s rue des Martyrs with the people who know them best.

Democratic consultant James Carville says that New Orleans is defined by its culture and way of life and that distinguishes the city from other places.  We’ll talk to him to learn what he means by this.

The beheading of Saint Denis, now the patron saint of France, was one of many events that occurred on the rue des Martyrs in Paris.  Accoring to author and New York Times writer, Elaine Sciolino, the rue des Martyrs was a cultural enclave where Degas and Renoir painted, Puccini replicated in his La Boheme opera and Edith Piaf would sing for a few francs.  Yet, this charming half-mile long street that is steeped in history has been overlooked in Paris guidebooks.  We will walk along the rue des Martyrs and flip through the pages of Elaine Sciolino’s new book:  “The Only Street in Paris”.

We will cross the political aisle and state lines with Republican consultant Mary Matalin to talk about life in New Orleans and why she and her democratic consultant husband, James Carville, decided to leave the Washington beltway for the big easy.

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