What does the future of travel look like?

Future of Travel - Dubrovnik

What does the future of travel look like?  We asked a travel industry insider, Helen Hernandez, CEO of the North American Travel Journalist Association (NATJA) for her insights.

NATJA is the premier professional association of writers, photographers, editors, and tourism professionals that redefines development for the travel industry.

In a previous episode we learned about Helen’s path from her humble beginnings in California, to her work with the labor union movement, to Hollywood where she worked with famed producer and creator Norman Lear and finally to CEO of NATJA.  

Helen Hernandez has worn a lot of hats in a storied career that’s taken her from the trenches of labor union activism to becoming the CEO of the North American Travel Journalist Association.

With more than 400 members representing destinations and travel journalists, NATJA is forging ahead amidst the toughest period ever faced by the travel industry.

In today’s episode, Helen talks about the impact COVID-19 is having on the travel industry and how NATJA is responding to the health challenges, social unrest and environmental concerns.

Helen shares her thoughts and hopes for a future world as well as the legacy this generation will leave for the next.

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