Take the “Island Time” challenge with San Juan Islands during COVID-19

Even an island paradise is not immune to the coronavirus as we learned from San Juan Islands‘ Barbara Marrett. But the virus has not significantly impacted the San Juan Islands despite the islands proximity to Seattle, Washington – a coronavirus cluster. This is attributed to the islands limited accessibility via ferry service and Washington’s Governor immediate implementation of health guidelines. But the San Juan Islands are affected, nonetheless.

Barbara gives examples of how the tight-knit communities on the San Juan Islands are lending helping hands to their neighbors (while practicing social distancing). She also shares information about programs that people around the country can participate in. One is an online family-fun science program sponsored by SeaDoc Society that was designed by a San Juan Islands resident.  There are free educational videos that offer educational lessons on sealife.  The other is a fun social media ‘island time’ challenge.

As Barbara says, “you can experience island time at any time and any where’. So for a much needed break from covid19 take the #SanJuanIslandsTime challenge and share your “island time” on social media.